Tamara Dubowitz, Sc.D., S.M., M.Sc.


Tamara Dubowitz is an Associate Policy Researcher at the RAND Corporation. She received her doctorate from the Harvard School of Public Health in social epidemiology with concentrations in maternal and child health and public health nutrition. She has master’s degrees from Harvard in maternal and child health and from the University of Pennsylvania in anthropology.

Research Interests & Projects

Dubowitz has considerable international experience. She emigrated to the United States from South Africa and later served with the U.S. Peace Corps for 2.5 years as a health and nutrition extension volunteer based in a small, remote village in Burkina Faso, West Africa. Following her Peace Corps service, Dubowitz co-founded and co-directed the Urban Nutrition Initiative, a school-based youth program where young people grow and sell vegetables at their schools. Dubowitz’ doctoral work examined the social context of diet, focusing on the immigrant experience as well as the effects of neighborhood conditions. She is particularly interested in the impact of neighborhood characteristics -- the built, physical and social environments -- on health, and in diet, obesity and diet-related disease. Dubowitz is also interested in the socio-cultural determinants of health and health behaviors. In this light, she has examined such individual factors as immigrant status and duration of residence in the United States, structure of the workday, access to childcare and competing daily-life constraints together with neighborhood socioeconomic status and racial composition. Dubowitz also has expertise in monitoring and evaluation of programs -- for example, she has led the evaluation of a two-state UNICEF initiative in India, focused on improving maternal and child nutrition.

Contact Information: dubowitz@rand.org


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