Rhonda BeLue, Ph.D., M.S.


Rhonda BeLue is an Assistant Professor of Health Policy and Administration at Pennsylvania State University. She received a master’s of science in statistics and a doctorate in health policy and management from Cornell University. Prior to coming to Penn State, BeLue was a public health worker and in that role, developed, implemented and evaluated community health programs for families in the Nashville, Tennessee area.

Research Interests & Projects

BeLue is a health services and policy researcher with a focus on chronic disease in minority and international populations. BeLue’s research is focused on the complex interaction among risk factors for chronic diseases in African and African American populations. She examines the various contexts (individual, family, health care facility and community) in which people must manage their illnesses. She is particularly interested in examining conditions most closely associated with stress-related inflammatory processes, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and anxiety depression. BeLue leads a project that examines the role of family and community in cardiovascular risk management in West Africa. She also has conducted preliminary semi-structured interviews among Senegalese patients with diabetes and hypertension and plans to expand the research to the family and community setting.

Contact Information: rzb10@psu.edu


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