M. Taqi Tirmazi, Ph.D., M.S.W.


M. Taqi Tirmazi is an assistant professor at Morgan State University School of Social Work. He recently completed the W.K. Kellogg Health Scholars Program at Morgan State University School of Community Health and Policy. He received his doctorate and master’s degree in social work from Howard University School of Social Work and a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies from California State University Monterey Bay.

Research Interests & Projects

Tirmazi is conducting a community based participatory research (CBPR) project to study the social determinants of health among African American youth in Baltimore, Maryland. Using a socio-ecological resiliency perspective, his work focuses on the impact of protective and risk factors associated with psychological functioning and health behaviors leading to preventive interventions. Tirmazi’s dissertation research examined the impact of demographic, social, educational, and environmental factors on the acculturation and psychosocial adaptation of immigrant Muslim youth in the United States. Of particular relevance to CIPMH, he is following up his dissertation study by recruiting comparative samples from South Asian, Middle Eastern, and Sub-Saharan African countries. While a student at Howard University, he was also a research associate on a study that explored the impact of social and physical determinants on the mental health of black urban youth. Tirmazi’s previous research topics include maternal depression among African-American mothers, hip hop and youth development, risk and resilience of African American youth, elderly Muslims and mental health, socialization of adolescent Muslim girls, and acculturation of immigrant Muslim youth. Also, Tirmazi was a Race, Ethnicity, and Migration Studies scholar at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, where he conducted a comparative study on the ethnic and religious identity of Muslim youth in the Netherlands and the United States.

Contact Information: taqi.tirmazi@morgan.edu


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