Joanna Almeida, MSW, MPH, ScD

Joanna Almeida is an Associate Research Scientist at the Institute on Urban Health Research at Northeastern University, where she recently completed a post doctoral fellowship. She is also currently a Visiting Scientist at the Harvard Youth Violence Prevention Center. She received her Doctorate of Science from the Harvard School of Public Health in social epidemiology with minor concentrations in research methods and mental health. She has a Masters of Social Work (MSW) and Masters of Public Health (MPH) from Boston University.

Research Interests & Projects

Almeida’s broad research interests are in the social determinants of immigrant health, specifically in investigating explanations for the Latino health paradox and for the decline in Latino immigrants’ health status over time, and with subsequent generations of US-born Latinos. This line of research includes studies on the effects of risk and protective factors that may affect the acculturation process. In her work, Almeida has tested certain long standing assumptions about Latino immigrants and the Latino health paradox. As part of her work as a NIDA-fellow, Almeida found that rates of certain risk behaviors such as violence perpetration and substance use among immigrant youth converge with those of US born youth within a matter of a few years rather than a generation, as previously thought.

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