Dolly John, M.P.H.

p>Dolly John is a Kellogg Health Scholar at the Harvard School of Public Health. She completed her Ph.D. in Health Services at the University of Washington School of Public Health. John has a MPH in Community Health from the University of Texas, Houston and BA degrees in Mathematics and Chemistry from Washington University.

Research Interests and Projects

John has worked on local, state, and national level research studies, mostly examining the health and health care of racial/ethnic minority and low-income populations in various health care systems such as Medicare, using quantitative and qualitative methods. Her research interests focus on reducing health care and health inequities, especially those arising from the contexts of work and immigration. Her dissertation examines how work (e.g., occupational class) and immigration-related factors (e.g., nativity) relate to health services use (e.g., routine preventive care) and health (including mental health) of Asian Americans using an explanatory mixed-methods study. Building on her dissertation research, John plans to examine how individual and contextual factors related to work, immigration and racism/discrimination contribute to socioeconomic and racial/ethnic health and health care inequities.

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