Social Determinants of Migrants’ Health Workshop at Bellagio Center, Italy

Read a brief summary report of the Bellagio conference on Social Determinants of Migrant Health, sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation and held October 7-11, 2014.


Participants reflected the integration of social determinants of health – socioeconomic and structural factors – into immigrant health research and policy. A cross-national framework was used to consider issues of place, migration and health. In addition to public health, the workshop drew upon the fields of economics, sociology of immigration, and social epidemiology, and incorporate three theoretical frameworks: the life-course framework from social epidemiology, the ‘push-pull’ factor theories from geography and economics, and transnational theory from sociology. It built upon academic literature, included in the Social Sciences and Medicine (SSM) supplement*, to formulate areas where more research is needed and to recommend potentially fruitful program interventions and policy changes.