Does Whiteness Matter for Arab Americans?

PMH member Sawsan Abdulrahim and colleagues published a new study in Social Science and Medicine on racial identity, discrimination, and the mental health of Arab Americans. They found that the mental health of Arab Americans who self-identify as white is more negatively affected by discrimination compared to those who choose to identify as ‘other.’ The researchers suggest that discrimination can have a more negative health impact on those who claim whiteness and are accustomed to drawing on its privileges. Through complex pathways, Arab Americans who subjectively identify as ‘other’ protect themselves from the burden of living in the United States as ‘not-quite-white.’

For more information, see:
Abdulrahim, S., James, S. A., Yamout, R. & Baker, W. (2012). Discrimination and psychological distress: Does Whiteness matter for Arab Americans? Social Science & Medicine, Part Special Issue: Place, migration & health. Volume 75, Issue 12, pages 2116-2113.